WFL Comic (Feb 17, 2017)

Friday 17, 2017 7.00 AM EST

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Sean Southey, CEO, PCI Media Impact
Phone: 347-276-1354
Wild For Life

New comic book from Comics Uniting Nations tells the story of children who learn about the consequences of purchasing illegal wildlife products and decide to take action.

PCI Media Impact and Comics Uniting Nations have partnered with UN Environment to create the latest comic in the series. The Wild for Life comic tells the story of children who learn about the consequences of people’s decisions to purchase illegal wildlife products, take action to tell their friends and family and help spread the word on the issue to enable people to make better informed choices that don’t harm the planet.

Mobilizing people to support a cause as complex and widespread as illegal wildlife trafficking is no easy task. Comics Uniting Nations and #WildForLife, the UN Environment’s global digital campaign to end wildlife crime, sought to demonstrate the power of youth engagement and social media platforms to effectively change attitudes and practices.

The comic features a group of animals and trees gathered by Mother Nature to discuss their plight. The organisms are disillusioned with humans and the idea that they are being hunted only to fuel greed and self-indulgence. After Mother Nature explains that some people are simply unaware of the impact of their consumer choices and the illegal wildlife trade, she encourages the creatures to gather as many children as possible and spread the word that wildlife trafficking is harmful to ecosystems and humans alike.

The comic explores several aspects of the multifaceted issue of wildlife crime, from animal well-being to sustainable livelihoods. Nine celebrity Goodwill Ambassadors are featured at the end of the comic citing their stances on illegal wildlife trafficking and representing global, extensive support for the cause.

Sean Southey, CEO of PCI Media Impact, says, “The Wild for Life comic reminds us that the power to incite positive change lies in our hands—and in the hands of our children.”

The comic will be released in tandem with World Pangolin Day, a global celebration of the world’s most trafficked animal.

The Comics Uniting Nations partnership continues to release and distribute works from established comic artists, in the interest of bringing the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals to an audience of comic lovers around the world. The program has released 9 full comic books to date, all of which are free to download and use.

For more information about Comics Uniting Nations and to download complete comic books, visit:

Comics Uniting Nations is a partnership of UNICEF, PCI Media Impact, The World’s Largest Lesson and Reading with Pictures, to make the Sustainable Development Goals accessible to the citizens of the world through comics. Working with a wide array of artists and content creators, Comics Uniting Nations leverages the universal visual language and transformative power of comics to educate people in every corner of the globe about the SDGs and empower them to create positive and lasting change in their own communities and worldwide.

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