If you are interested in printer-ready versions of the comics*, please write to:

CIPTA – SDGs 4 & 16

Other Languages:

French, Spanish, Indonesian, Arabic

Poseidon Patrol 2 – SDG 14

Other Languages:


A Magical Forest – SDGs 6, 11, 13, 15

Other Languages:


The Ocean Adventure of Sasha and Pipi – SDG 14

Gridiron Green – SDG 15

Poseidon Patrol – SDG 14

Other Languages:

Spanish, French, Hindi, Russian, Indonesian, Chinese, Arabic

Home – SDG 10

Rise of the Plate PioneerZ – SDGs 2 & 3

Other Languages:

Spanish, French, Chinese, Arabic

Tre`: The Adventures of Brother Earth – SDG 13

Other Languages:

Spanish, French, Hindi

Feet on the Ground – SDGs 11, 14, 15

Other Languages:


Ali Finds A Way – SDGs 10 & 11

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 Guardians of the Galaxy Ozone Heroes – SDGs 3, 9, 12, 13, 17


Goats Of Anarchy – Reduced Inequalities

Annie Sunbeam – Life Below Water

Other Languages:

SpanishFrench, Arabic, Russian, Chinese, Portuguese, Hebrew

Anna’s Forest – Life on Land

Other Languages:


Wild for Life – Wildlife Conservation

Other Languages:

ChineseVietnamese, Spanish

The Planet and The 17 Goals – SDGs (Margreet De Heer)

Other Languages:

Hindi, Russian, Hungarian

Santa’s Green Christmas – Climate Action

Simon Says… Save the Climate – Climate Action

Other Languages:

French, Swahili

Chakra – Education

Chakra – SDGs

Night Stars – Hunger

Chakra – Climate Change

Other Languages:


Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, Hindi

Heroes for Change – SDGs

Other Languages:


PortugueseRussianSwahiliWelshMontenegrin, Kreyol

Chakra – Gender Equality

Other Languages:


* Print versions not available for all comic books. Please contact us for the approved list.