For World Environment Day, there was a UN Green Fair complete with a solar powered car and costumes made of plastic water bottles from which UN officials are swearing off.  Among the tables on the plaza in front of the UN General Assembly building was one from Comics Uniting Nations, which in April launched the winner of the first ever UNICEF Climate Comic Contest for her character ‘TRé’ – a half tree-half human who uses special powers to save nature from a warming planet. Now they have a new comic called the “Poseidon Patrol,” which covers the growing problem of plastics in the ocean. Read More →

She is just 21 and is the winner of the first ever Unicef Climate Comic Contest. Sathvigha Sridhar, who prefers to be known by her pet-cum-artist name, ‘Sona’, created a character Tré, who can photosynthesise; is half-human and half-tree. The contest, created by Unicef and its partner Comics Uniting Nations, received nearly 3,000 submissions from 99 different countries. The participants were all youngsters and more than 21,000 votes were cast to select the winner.Read More →

United Nations, New York, USA, April 19 2018 – Sona Sridhar, 21-year-old artist from India, winner of the first-ever UNICEF Climate Comic Contest launching her comic book on climate change during the Event entitled “Youth Power the Planet: an SDG Activate Talk to Celebrate Earth Day” on the occasion of International Mother Earth Day (22 April) today at the UN Headquarters in New York City.Read More →


A 21-year-old artist from Chennai (formerly Madras) in southern India is the winner of the first ever Unicef Climate Comic Contest for creating a character that is half-human and half-tree. Sathvigha Sridhar, a fresh graduate in visual arts, hadn’t really considered producing a comic book. But when her sister found a call out for the contest on Instagram and encouraged Ms Sridhar to apply, she knew she had to do it.Read More →

The SUN Program: “We are proud to present “Green Santa” – a Climate Change primer in the form of a comic book. Co-authored by Felix Dodds and issued under the auspices of the UN Secretary General through Comics Uniting Nations – a partnership of UNICEF and NGOs PCI Media Impact and Reading with Pictures, to make the Sustainable Development Goals accessible to the citizens of the world through comics.”Read More →

On the Times of India.  Comics Uniting Nations partner Graphic India, launched our SDG 13 Gender Equality comic book about a new hero called Mighty Girl during the Comic Con at Bangalore, The Times of India wrote on the success of the event and published an email interview with comic book legend, Stan Lee.  “This was something my partner on Chakra and Mighty Girl, Sharad Devarajan, put together and I think its a brilliant idea! I am thoroughly thrilled we are work-ing with the United Nations and TheWorld’s Largest Lesson to entertain and hopefully in-spire kids all over the world with comics,” he said about hisRead More →

Feature on UN Web TV. “The United Nations has delivered its message through comic strips for decades, and now the newly agreed upon Sustainable Development Goals call upon superheroes to spread the word once again.”Read More →